Published on January 2023 | Criminal Law, Criminology

The Importance of Theory and Scientific Theories for the Scientific Study of Genocide in the Context of the Contribution to the Development of the Science of Genocide
Authors: Islam Qerimi, Shqipe Kastrati, Ahmet Maloku,Ahmet Maloku, Elda Maloku
View Author: Dr. Ahmet Maloku
Journal Name: Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
Volume: 12 Issue: 1 Page No: 183
Indexing: SCOPUS

The research problem is the importance of scientific theory and theories in the scientific study of genocide. The main objective and purpose of the work are to enable, through an appropriate, correct, and scientifically verified methodological approach, the acquisition of real scientific knowledge about the study of a very complex social phenomenon - genocide - and the contribution of scientific theory to this research, builds a separate scientific discipline - the science of genocide. The main results of the work are prerequisites for successful genocide research and the formation of a special science that would deal with this problem, it is necessary to develop theory and scientific theory as a basis for the development of genocide science because the underdevelopment of theoretical assumptions reflects the development of methodological empirical research and the limited use of research procedures, methods, and techniques. If the theoretical basis of empirical research is weaker, then the source of research knowledge is limited. This suggests that there is a direct causal relationship with the research results obtained, which calls into question their value and validity. The research conducted in this thesis has the characteristics of scientific theoretical research, which is necessarily qualitative in nature. As it is theoretical research of a qualitative nature, the qualitative method of document content analysis is mainly applied as one of the methods of data collection. In addition to this method, all the basic analytical-synthetic methods will be used as individual methods and in certain combinations, correlations, and relationships as necessary, as well as the hypothetico-deductive, axiomatic and comparative methods of the group of general scientific methods. The study will add to and complete the body of scientific information on genocide research.

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