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Authors: Neha Paras, Shiromani Balmukund Rahi , Abhishek Kumar Upadhyay , Manisha Bharti , Young Suh Song
Journal Name : Memories - Materials, Devices, Circuits and Systems
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Authors: Majid, Ishfaq ; Vijaya Lakshmi, Y.
View Author: Ishfaq Majid
Journal Name : Indian Journal of Educational Technology
Indexing : Google Scholar
Authors: V. Anish, J. Logeshwari
View Author: V. Anish
Journal Name : Journal of Engineering and Applied Science
Indexing : SCOPUS, Google Scholar, PubMed, DOAJ
Authors: Aditi Kishore, Bodhisattya Pal, Priyanka Sarkar
View Author: Bodhisattya Pal
Journal Name : Asian Journal of Environment & Ecology
Indexing : Google Scholar, Index Copernicus
Unearthing The Essence of The Soul
Published on Jan 04, 2024
Authors: Dr. Rochna Roy, Arko Chakraborty
View Author: Dr. Rochna Roy
Journal Name : , IJCRT (IJCRT.ORG) International Peer Reviewed & Refereed Journals
Indexing : Open J Gate
Authors: Prashant Mishra, Jyothi Bhat, Rajiv Yadav, Ravendra Kumar Sharma, Vikas Gangadhar Rao
View Author: Dr. Prashant Mishra
Journal Name : Indian Journal of Public Health
Indexing : PubMed
Authors: Alemu Mosisa Legese , Maciej Sobótka , Czesław Machelski, Adrian Różański
View Author: Alemu Mosisa Legese
Journal Name : Archives of Civil Engineering
Indexing : SCOPUS, Web of Science, DOAJ
Authors: Shangbang Luo, Gagik P. Djotyan, Rohan Joshi, Tibor Juhasz, Donald J. Brown, James V. Jester
View Author: Dr. Shangbang Luo
Journal Name : Journal of The Ocular Surface
Indexing : Web of Science, Google Scholar, PubMed
Authors: Reynaldo V. Moral1 , Ansell Khim T. Insong, Juhlian V. Santos
View Author: Dr. Reynaldo V. Moral
Journal Name : Journal of Effective Teaching Methods
Indexing : Google Scholar
Published on Oct 07, 2023
Authors: Dr. P. Shanthi, Dr. Domenic T. Sanchez, Mr. Jaffer Ali Khan and Dr. Alamelu Mangai Raman
Indexing : Web of Science, Google Scholar, ISI Indexing
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