Published on May 2017 | English Linguistics

Pedagogical Implications of VARK Model of Learning
Authors: Imran Hussain
Journal Name: Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics
Volume: 38 Issue: 1 Page No: 33-37
Indexing: Google Scholar

Current study aims at to analyze phenomenal features of an illustrious learning style VARK. The study categories four types of learners i.e. visual, auditory, kinesthetic and read write learners on the basis of individual differences bearing in mind the chief traits of each category of learners along with what strategies are imperative as far as effective and productive learning with respect to their need and essentialities are concerned. The study underlines the fact that all the learners can’t learn in the same fashion. Each one has one or the other striking factor which dominates and directs their modes of learning that discrete them from others at one hand and unearths the mode and medium the instructors require getting them practice in a productive and systemic fashion. For the said intent, amalgam of skills and techniques are essential to keep in view as for as teaching learning process is concerned.

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