Published on November 2023 | Natural Science

Effects of ADDIE Model as an Instructional System Design for Senior High School Students in Natural Science through Alternative Delivery Learning
Authors: Reynaldo V. Moral1 , Ansell Khim T. Insong, Juhlian V. Santos
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Journal Name: Journal of Effective Teaching Methods
Volume: 1 Issue: 4 Page No: 42-48
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Abstract: The nature of science learning is to teach students to be involved in the investigation. Investigations in science can help improve the performance and skills of students. The purpose of this study is to plan to design instructional strategies after crafting the Sustainability Action Plan in the school context. Specifically, it attempts to answer the following research objectives: (1) To determine the pretest and post-test scores of the experimental group after their exposure to the ADDIE model in teaching natural science, and (2) To determine the significant improvement in the students’ scores before and after exposure of the ADDIE model. Using a quasi-experimental design with non-probability sampling, the two experimental groups (n=30) per section took up General Chemistry 2, and General Physics 2. The results revealed that the respondents obtained closer mean values of the pretest (M=10.80, M=9.03) but the mean value of the post-test for General Chemistry is greater than General Physics (M=23.00, M=12.27). Likewise, there is no significant difference in improvement between the means of General Physics (t =1.8959; p=0.0630) compared to General Chemistry which is significant (t = 13.6640; p=0.0001) when tested at α 0.05. The data suggest that students need a strong focus on the competencies taken from the modules on whatever modalities of learning are utilized. A parallel study is recommended to enhance the students’ problem-solving skills at the junior high school level to establish the effectiveness of ADDIE Model.

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