Published on April 2012 | Economics

Authors: Dr. Om Raj Katoch
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Journal Name: Asian Journal of Research in Social Science & Humanities
Volume: 2 Issue: 4 Page No: 164-180
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College Teachers are the most important group of professionals for our nation’s future. Therefore, it is astonishing to know that even today many of the college teachers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Job satisfaction among college teachers is good not only for themselves but society as a whole. It increases productivity and classroom performance in the college. Wellbeing of any society depends upon the role played by the teacher. Teachers are the source of guidance in all the crucial steps in the academic life of the students. When teachers are satisfied with their job they can perform their responsibilities with more concentration and devotion. For the same reason a study was undertaken to identify the factors which impact the level of satisfaction of college teachers in Jammu & Kashmir. The data used in this paper is primary in nature and collected through personal interviews in the form of questionnaire from a sample of 98 college teachers selected from the five Government Colleges of Jammu. Two types of statistical tools are used in the present study for analysis 1) percentage analysis 2) chi-square analysis. Research shows that female college teachers are more satisfied with their job than male teachers and income per annum is an important factor impacting the level of job satisfaction.

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