Published on October 2020 | Criminology, Sociology

Authors: Ahmet Maloku. Elda Maloku
View Author: Dr. Ahmet Maloku
Journal Name: Uluslararası Ekonomi İşletme ve Politika Dergisi - Turkey
Volume: 4 Issue: 2 Page No: 319-334
Indexing: Google Scholar,DOAJ,EBSCO,BASE

This paper elaborates the sociological perspective of suicide. Suicide is one of the social phenomens, which is present in every society or culture and is considered as one of the problems and challenges of modern society (post) which belongs to the individual and the family itself as a functional unit of society. The paper analyzes the research data in the study of the sociological approach to suicide and the influence of sociological factors on suicide such as: gender; marriage and family; unemployment; age and education. The aim of this study is evaluation, analyze and the role of these sociological factors that affect suicide. The research results also show that the sociological aspect of suicide viewed from the historical context, has been seen as a single phenomenon from different perspectives of social epochs. Taking into consideration the available data, the sociological point of view has been clarified as one of the most important approaches in the analysis of suicide as a social phenomenon. From the available literature, different views have been seen on the phenomenon of suicide and the difficulties in determining it, namely the determination of the causes and consequences, and effective methods of suicide prevention. This paper contributes to the existing scientific literature, especially in the fields of Sociology, Psychology, Criminology and Victimology. Moreover, this paper is likely to contribute to the work of NGOs, but also to the work of state bodies to prevent suicide, which is and remains a universal challenge

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