Published on February 2022 | Criminal law

Victimological and Criminal Aspects of Juvenile Crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Authors: Sadmir Karović, Jasmina Igrački
View Author: Dr. Sadmir Karović
Journal Name: Victimology
Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Page No: 83-89
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In this paper the authors focus on the victimological and criminal aspects of juvenile delinquency in Bosnia and Herzegovina, respect the protetctive model of law enforcement agencies and entities according to this specific age category. In the centre of interest are juveniles as perpetrators of criminal offenses and on the other hand juveniles as victims, ie victims of committing criminal offenses (police warning and educational recommendations). In the juvenile criminal law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the component of humanity is clearly recognized and articulated,given that certain international standards have been adopted and accepted, so that the treatment of juveniles differs significantly from the treatment of adult perpetrators of criminal offenses.

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