Published on March 2017 | English Linguistics

Stylistics Analysis of Sylvia Plath’s Poem Poppies in October
Authors: Imran Hussain
Journal Name: Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics
Volume: 33 Issue: 1 Page No: 23-27
Indexing: Google Scholar

Paper under view intends to evaluate Sylvia Plath’s poem Poppies in October (1962) from the perspective of stylistic analysis. It is carried out on Graphlogical, Morphological, Syntactical and Phonological levels. The poem is a blend of classicism with modernism; imagery, images, colours, irony and symbolism being chief features of the poem. This study is ready to lend a hand to examine the structure and style of Sylvia Plath’s poetry, her themes, style, and natural treatment.

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