Published on April 2015 | English Linguistics

Errors in the Use of Verb: A Case Study of Science College Kallar Kahar at Undergraduate Level
Authors: Imran Hussain
Journal Name: Research on Humanities and Social Sciences
Volume: 5 Issue: 17 Page No: 25-30
Indexing: Google Scholar

Students can fall a prey to errors in the use of verb at any level mainly when they are second language learners. The current study seeks to examine the errors on the usage of verbs at undergraduate level on the part of both male and female at Science College Kallar Kahar Chakwal, Pakistan. This paper scrutinizes the errors of subject verb agreement, tense and aspect, mood of verb and valency change. The purpose of the article is to draw attention to the areas where students make most errors on the use of the verb, to bring to light some sources of errors and afterward try discovering ways and means to help the learners to overcome the verbal errors hereafter. Error Analysis methodology has been applied during the process. Instrument used in the research is a questionnaire consisted of Multiple Choice Questions. The study sets out to select 50 different students of the College randomly from both the gender. To analyze the collected data error analysis method is being used. From the finding it seemed evident that students encountered errors with respect to subject verb agreement, tense and aspect, mood of verb and valency change. Lastly some remedial recommendations have been proposed to fix the problem of errors in verbal usage at undergraduate level.

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