Published on April 2017 | English Linguistics

Review of Anna Wierzbicka's
Authors: Imran Hussain
Journal Name: Research on Humanities and Social Sciences
Volume: 7 Issue: 15 Page No: 1-3
Indexing: Google Scholar

The under view article is a venture to pin down the key features of Anna Wierzbicka’s book bringing to light the chief traits of her inscriptional fashion, diction and handling of the structures bearing in mind her mechanics as a linguistic-author. The prime intent of this shot is to have an improved conception of the underlying thoughts and intentions for which the book is written. Through lexemes of diverse lingoes she put forwards distinctive conceptual cosmos. It can be a handy tool for researchers and students of linguistics. This concise review of the book is accomplished from broad-spectrum area of expertise to structural and methodological analysis in conjunction with inclusive epitome and few remarks about the writer.

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