Published on June 2017 | English Linguistics

Distinction Between Language Acquisition and Language Learning: A Comparative Study
Authors: Imran Hussain
Journal Name: Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics
Volume: 39 Issue: 1 Page No: 1-5
Indexing: Google Scholar

The study aspires at to pencil in a disparity between two seemingly alike but distinctive apart phenomenon i.e. language learning (LL) and language acquisition (LA). LA is an intuitive route that transpires naturally devoid of any exertion or intention. During that process, the acquirer of the language is unaware of the grammatical conventions or the syntactic structure of the language involved. All through the expansion of LA the learner necessitates a source of natural communication. It puts down emphasis on the memo and not the form that is why it is entitled communicative. Its deep-seated objective is to pass on the message or converse with the people around the apprentice. Language learning is cognizant or intentional activity of erudition a language for one or the erstwhile drive. A learner must contrive a laborious and systematic exertion to become skilled at or master a language unlike LA which he gets hold off exclusive of any methodical or even conscious involvement. The shot is qualitative in approach keeping in view the stratagems and dynamics affecting LL and LA. Keywords: Language learning, L acquisition, learning strategies, factors affecting learning

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