Published on July 2020 | Economics

Conflict–Poverty Relationship in Africa: A Disaggregated Approach
Authors: O. C. Okunlola, I. G. Okafor
Journal Name: Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics
Volume: 32 Issue: 0 Page No: 0
Indexing: SCI/SCIE,SCOPUS,Open J Gate

This article investigates the conflict–poverty relationship in Africa between 1980 and 2015. Conducting a panel regression, we test the effect of disaggregated conflict on the poverty index (POV) and indicators in Africa. Conflict causes poverty in Africa, and not the other way round as many studies have suggested. We also found that internal conflict causes poverty in Africa; it increases the poverty rate and worsens the standard of living. However, interstate conflicts have little effects on poverty indicators, it reduces the life expectancy of people in Africa. This article concludes that poverty is not the prime cause of conflict in Africa; there are other causes (i.e., political, structural, and sociological), poverty only stimulates conflict. This article suggests that peacemaking and peacebuilding mechanisms should be strengthened in Africa. Also, emphasis should be laid on other causes of conflict, such as political, structural and sociological, as it has been established that poverty is not the cause of conflict in Africa.

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