Published on August 2023 | Development Economics

Environmental Quality and the Quality of Life in Sub-Saharan Africa: Measuring the Role of Economic Liberalization
Authors: Okunlola, C. Olalekan
Journal Name: In: Das, R.C. (eds) Economic, Environmental and Health Consequences of Conservation Capital
Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Page No: 301-316
Indexing: Google Scholar

This study examines whether the nexus of environment and Quality of life is contingent on the level of economic liberalization in SSA. The study employs the two-step system GMM estimation technique for the investigation. The study found a complementary interaction between environmental quality (ENVQ) and economic liberalization. It concludes that economic liberalization positively moderates the impact of ENVQ on the Quality of life in SSA. Therefore, this study recommends that SSA countries pursue a guided liberalization policy that manages the region’s industrialization process. This policy will involve mitigating environmental degradation and pollution in the industrial cities of the region.

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