Published on July 2022 | Criminology

The Scope of Crime by Social Origin in the Region of Gjilan
Authors: Ahmet Maloku; Islam Qerimi; Elda Maloku
View Author: Dr. Ahmet Maloku
Journal Name: Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
Volume: 11 Issue: 4 Page No: 172
Indexing: SCOPUS

This paper examines the findings of a research conducted in the Gjilan area over the previous five years on the extent of crime by socioeconomic origin (mostly offenders of criminal acts in six towns) (ALFA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, and EPSILON). The location of the examination in the Gjilan area is given additional emphasis mostly in methodological portion. We incorporated words that more accurately characterize the studied issue and its interpretative position in the observed occurrence in the study and discussion outcomes. This study was used as a statistical method as a very favorable method (review using tables and graphs) that is developed in space and certain periods of data gathering, review, and presentation related to the extent of crime, according to the social origin of crime, and according to the dynamic rate of spread in the countries with the largest populations. The data was gathered using empirical methods. Empirical data was acquired from security source records in relation with cases classified as criminal crimes. The findings revealed statistically significant disparities in the extent of crime over the research period between people committing criminal acts based on their socioeconomic background (rural and urban areas). There are additional disparities in the fact that crime occurs more dynamically and to a greater extent in larger towns. The study will add to and complete the body of scientific information on the issue of criminal populations. The study's findings will aid in the development of new strategies and approaches for reducing the criminal population in the Gjilan region and preventing particular types of crime. Research is also significant for social practice and practical reasons such as controlling and properly preventing crime.

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