Published on April 2022 | Information Technology, Computer Science

Social Media usage of the Students in a State University
Authors: Glenn A. Trinidad, Josephine L Bulilan, Cherly B. Sardovia, Coravil Joy C. Avila
View Author: Dr. GLENN A. TRINIDAD
Journal Name: International Journal of Science and Management Studies
Volume: 5 Issue: 2 Page No: 251-256
Indexing: Web of Science,Google Scholar,BASE

The study focused on students’ Social Media Usage in a state university. Moreover, it used a descriptive correlational design. Using simple random in the selection process, the study respondents are the one hundred forty-five (145) college students of the State University in Cebu, Philippines. The study yielded that number of gadgets used is an indicator of the social media usage of college students. However, the study also revealed no significant relationship on demographics such the age, gender, year level, household income status, and parents’ occupation. More importantly, the advent of social media usage is controlled by minimizing its available electronic gadgets to avoid sedentary life and maintain the students' physical activity.

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