Published on March 2024 | Community Extension, Community Service, Linkages, Higher Education

Project “Tubig Para sa Lahat” (Water for All): Revisiting a Community Extension Project
Authors: John Mark R. Asio, Dante P. Sardina, Ediric D. Gadia, Imelda DP, Soriano
View Author: Dr. John Mark R. Asio
Journal Name: Asian Journal of Community Services
Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Page No: 295–304
Indexing: Google Scholar,EBSCO,BASE,Index Copernicus

This study seeks to evaluate the community water tank project started by the Community Extension Service Unit (CESU) of Gordon College in Olongapo City, Philippines. A group went to the area to inspect the water tank project during the month of March 2023. They gathered data by observing and documenting the water tank and its surroundings as well as interviewed the chieftain and locals. Based on the documentation, observation, and interviews, they did not give the water tank project priority in terms of proper management and maintenance. The lack of proper knowledge in water tank maintenance contributes to this finding in the community. Based on this premise, the researchers propose a manual for maintaining the water tank for future use.

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