Published on March 2019 | Teacher education, Education

Professionalism as a Moral Code of Secondary School Teachers
Authors: Naseer Ahmad Shahid . Nasreen Akhter , Shahzadi Iqra Naz Malik
Journal Name: Global Social Sciences Review (GSSR)
Volume: 4 Issue: 1 Page No: 77-88

Teachers are given a moral code and expected to follow the ethics while working in institutions. Monitoring authorities are responsible for observing the school teachers’ enactment of the professional code and take action against delinquents. The present study investigates professionalism as a moral code of secondary school teachers by a survey of their perceptions. A questionnaire and observation sheet were used as data collection tools. The sample of the study was forty schools and 120 teachers from Bahawalpur District in Pakistan chosen through multistage sampling. Results through mean comparison using a paired t- test indicated that the majority of teachers had insight about professionalism but did not practice it. It is therefore recommended that education departments should utilize this aspect in their teachers and deploy special mechanisms for the practice of professionalism

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