Published on June 2018 | Policy Research, Social Science, Education Research

Status of SUC’s in Mindanao on PRC Exam: A Cluster Analysis
Authors: Maratas, Ed Neil O.
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Volume: 3 Issue: 4 Page No: 504-509
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The assessment of performance of State Universities and Colleges in the region is importantregarding the status of the current issues and concerns that besetin the region among HigherEducation Institutions. The study aimed to determine which among the SUCs have similaritiesand commonalities in terms of average percentage on board examination results and identifyvariables that solely contribute the guarantee of higher chances in passing the board exam. Theresearcher used the data mining technique. Particularly, this study utilized the data sets fromAIM Philippines with identified variables (number of faculty engaged in instruction, research,linkages, consultancy; number of faculty with MS, and Ph.D., number of degree programs andnumber of enrolment)and from internet source, total average percentage in PRC results ofselected fourteen SUCs in Mindanao during the SY 2011. After the organization of data, itunderwent to Cluster Analysis with the aid of the available statistical software. The resultrevealed that the performance of SUCs in Mindanao in terms of PRC result depends largely onthe commitment of every faculty and the motivation of every administration. It is manifested thatthe more the institution aim on excellent performance of their graduates the more chances theirgraduates are highly motivated to pass the Board Exam. Therefore, it is necessary that SUCshould submit their programs for accreditation on Center of Excellence and Center ofDevelopment towards quality higher education.

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