Published on February 2021 | Media and Communication

Treason of Expression: An Alarming Trendin Freedom of Expression
Authors: Tasaddaq Hussain, Shahid Minhas
View Author: Dr. Shahid Minhas
Journal Name: Elementary Education Online
Volume: 20 Issue: 4 Page No: 199-205
Indexing: SCOPUS,Web of Science,Google Scholar,Index Copernicus

- Freedom of expression (FOE) is claimed as a basic human right but there is no single line, separating itfrom blasphemy, which could be equally acceptable toall. When FOE crosses theboundary and enters into the domain ofblasphemy, the Muslim World condemn it; whereas,at the same time Western Worldsupports it, declaringasa symbolof democracy. No doubt, Islam is powerful supporterof freedom of expression but with some limitations. This paper is an attempt to discuss, to what extent the FOE is acceptable to entire population of the worldand where does it cause a conflict? Its main objective is to point out the “root of evil”which shatters the global peace;and to discover a formula which could be used to solve this problem. Methodologically, qualitative research technique is used; descriptive approach is adopted. Principal books, Scholarly articles, and academic writings are especially consulted. It is concluded that all other basic human rights having limits; are unanimously accepted; therefore, FOE must also be redefined to make itacceptable to the whole world. In this way, an alarming trend of treason of expressionis alienated from the glorified concept of the freedom of expression and a conflict repotting model of communication is developed.

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