Published on November 2021 | Organic synthesis

Synthesis of Angular Triquinane and [4.3.3]Propellane Derivatives via Ring-Rearrangement Olefin Metathesis
Authors: Arpit Agrawal, Saima Ansari, Prof. Sambasivarao Kotha
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Journal Name: ChemistrySelect
Volume: 6 Issue: 41 Page No: 11178-11181
Indexing: SCOPUS,Web of Science

Angular triquinane and [4.3.3]propellane derivatives were synthesized by a simple procedure using olefin metathesis. Diels-Alder reaction and ring-rearrangement metathesis are key steps here. Strained norbornene derivatives were alkylated followed by metathesis sequence (ROM-RCM) which gave propellane and angular triquinane derivatives. Stereochemically different propellanes were also generated by using both exo and endo Diels-Alder adducts.

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