Published on January 2021 | Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Study On Most Popular Behavioral Biometrics, Advantages, Disadvantages And Recent Applications : A Review
Authors: Israa Majeed Alsaadi
Journal Name: International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research
Volume: 10 Issue: 1 Page No: 15-21
Indexing: SCI/SCIE,SCOPUS,Web of Science,Google Scholar,MEDLINE,DOAJ,EBSCO,ISI Indexing

Abstract: Reducing the growing risks of an unauthorized access to various sensitive systems is a critical issue nowadays. Examples of such sensitive systems are bank accounts, secure buildings, personal computers, mobile devices and etc. This has increased the need for deploying a reliable and powerful security technology that relies on the automated recognition of individuals. The lack of high-security systems in identifying or verifying people's identities has contributed to a growing risk of infiltration of security-related systems. This work is aimed to summarize the existing behavioral biometrics schemes and explore the key advantages and disadvantages of the most popular behavioral biometrics technologies. The study is conducted within different intervals.

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