Published on September 2020 | Mathematics

Structuring Determinants To Level Up Students Performance
Authors: Larry B. Peconcillo Jr, Emerson D. Peteros, Irene O. Mamites, Domenic T. Sanchez, Janine Joy L. Tenerife, Roberto L. Suson
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Journal Name: International Journal of Education and Practice
Volume: 8 Issue: 4 Page No: 638-651
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It has always been a challenge to improve student learning outcomes. Stakeholders in higher education institutions need to go beyond traditional methods and develop new practices to elevate student’s performance in mathematics. This research assessed the influencers of student Mathematics performance and also determined the issues and concerns encountered by the students in learning Mathematics. The descriptivecorrelational method was employed using a survey questionnaire. There were 370 respondents in the sample and it was selected using simple random sampling from the population of the students at Cebu Technological University North Cell Campus. The data were statistically analyzed through percentage, frequency counts, weighted mean, ranking and Chi – square test for significant difference. The results revealed that home/family, school environment, classmates/peers, community, media and emerging technology were not significantly affecting the performance of the students in Mathematics. However, attending Mathematics classes as a perquisite of their courses was the main problem encountered by the respondents of this study. Based on these data analysis, the researchers proposed human and material resource development plan for enhancing students’ performance in Mathematics. Moreover, the researchers recommend future research to dig deeper into the factors inside and outside school premises to identify influencers that influence students’ academic performance especially in Mathematics.

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