Published on December 2022 | Mathematics Education, Educational Technology, Educational Management, Education

Effectiveness of Game-Based Learning Instructional Materials in Enhancing the Mathematics Performance of Grade 8 Learners
Authors: Shewin B. Sapin, Cyril R. Orbon
View Author: Dr. Sherwin B. Sapin
Journal Name: Asian Journal of Education and Human Development
Volume: 3 Issue: 1 Page No: 1-12
Indexing: Google Scholar

This study aimed to improve grade 8 participants' capacity for mathematical thought. The researchers developed the students' capacity to think, comprehend underlying ideas, and solve challenging mathematical problems when they learn mathematics through games. While having fun, educational games encourage students to come up with original ideas and push them to learn more quickly. Instructional games only make arithmetic ideas easier for pupils to comprehend and retain. Their confidence is increased by the conversations students have with one another to provide a lasting learning effect. Together, games help learners feel powerful and on par with their peers. The quasi-experimental methodology of the current research utilized the group design of non-equivalent pretest and posttest, comprising the experimental and comparison groups. The researchers developed the instruments validated by the experts (head teacher and master teachers) from the City Schools Division of Cabuyao. Participants' mean performance scores in the pretest and posttest data were compiled and contrasted. Using the paired sample t-test and Cohen's d, it was evaluated whether the mean scores on the pretest and posttest differed statistically significantly. The outcome from the posttest frequently improved over those from the pretest. Pretest and posttest results showed a discernible difference, showing that game-based learning instructional materials might assist students in enhancing their mathematical problem-solving abilities. Game-based learning using different game application tools emphasizes the importance of strengthening the foundation of math concepts and the mathematical proficiency to solve various problems in math.

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