Published on November 2021 | Biomedical signal Porcessing

Speech Based Biomedical Devices Monitoring Using LabVIEW
Authors: R Dilip; Yogini Dilip Borole; S Sumalatha; HM Nethravathi
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Journal Name: IEEE
Volume: 22 Issue: 22 Page No: 22-23
Indexing: SCOPUS

The primary objective is to develop an interactive real time system with the help of speech recognition system to monitor the medical data in addition to manage sensors connected to human body. In this work, the development of a simple system which is capable of transferring the patient's vital parameters such as temperature, heart rate and electrocardiography (ECG) from the remote location to doctor is done through wireless technology. The sensors interfaced with My RIO embedded controller are connected to the human body, which are monitored and controlled through speech recognition system. Sensors gets activated by the doctor's voice command which is in the pre-defined vocabulary. The information from the sensors had been transferred to doctor with help of controller. Real time data processing is performed utilizing the LabVIEW tool.

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