Published on April 2023 | Material Science, Solid State Physics, Nanomaterials, Nano-electronics

Negative differential resistance effect and current rectification in WS2 nanotubes: A density functional theory study
Authors: Mohammad Acef Ebrahimi a, Somaieh Ahmadi a, Abdus Salam Sepahi Molla b, Santanu K. Maiti c
Journal Name: Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
Volume: 179 Issue: 111369 Page No: 1-9
Indexing: SCOPUS

Electronic properties of (n,0) zigzag tungsten disulfide WS2 nanotubes and transport properties of (7,0) zigzag nanotube heterojunction are investigated by utilizing non-equilibrium Green's function formalism (NEGF). The results reveal that inclusion of the spin-orbit (SO) coupling significantly reduces the value of the band gap about 15.52\%. Additionally, strong negative differential resistances take place in voltage regions between −0.2 and −0.4 V as well as between −0.5 and −0.6 V. Moreover, temperature dependent transport properties are elaborately investigated in this work. The results show that, as the temperature increases to 600 K the stronger negative differential resistance occurs in both positive and negative bias voltages. Finally, a reasonably large degree of rectification ratio can be established. Our analysis can provide a comprehensive perspective on the NDR effect and current rectification in WS2 nanotubes and can be used as a beneficial guide for future designing of novel logical and nanoelectronic and spintronic devices.

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