Published on August 2021 | Routing Protocol, Delay Sensitive Application, Computer Networking, Wireless Sensor Network, Biosensor Network

Exploiting Packet Travel Time and Energy factor in delay sensitive application of MANET
Authors: Bekan Kitaw
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Journal Name: International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science and Engineering
Volume: 9 Issue: 4 Page No: 36-43
Indexing: Google Scholar

There are various threats in mobile ad-hoc networks. Among these threats packet drop and delays are serious threats that have to be controlled or reduced if not. Delay-sensitive applications are typical applications of mobile ad-hoc networks. These applications are sensitive to delay (requires low end-to-end delay) as their name suggests and else results in the data that they carry being meaningless and less effective. Apart from this, since they hold sensitive information there should be no or low packet loss rate. Typical examples of these applications are live video streaming, voice over IP, emergency applications, and multimedia teleconferencing. In this paper, we are trying to minimize the delay and packet drop caused by the routing protocols used in this application. For our simulation work, we use the multiple-path selection protocol called AOMDV, and then we compare it with the two most recent works using the NS2 network simulator and the Xgraph for evaluation purposes.

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