Published on June 2023 | Mathematics Education, Educational Technology, Educational Management, Education

Effectiveness of Triangle Congruency (Tricon) Learning Guide in Improving the Proving Skills of Grade 8 Learners
Authors: Sherwin B. Sapin, Kemeel D. Capili, Victoria E. Tamban, Karen A. Manaig, Alberto D. Yazon
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Journal Name: International Journal of Social Science and Human Research
Volume: 6 Issue: 6 Page No: 3768-3773
Indexing: Google Scholar,OAJI,Index Copernicus

This study examined and measured the effectiveness of a triangle congruency (Tricon) learning guide in improving the proving skills of Grade 8 learners at Lecheria Integrated School. Quantitative research methodology, namely Quasi-Experimental Research Design, was used in this study. To select participants, match pairing techniques were used. There were two groups of students in this study: the experimental group and the comparison group. The students in the experimental group were handed out PIVOT module by DEPED together with the learning guide as supplementary material. Students in the comparison group were handed out PIVOT module only. Mean and standard deviation were used to assess participants' performance in formative testing, pretest, and posttest. Similarly, the independent t-test was used to evaluate the significant difference between the two groups' pretest and posttest scores, and Cohen's d was employed to assess the effect size or quantify the size of the difference between two test results. The study's main findings were evident. It was found out that the pretest mean score of the experimental group and comparison group were the same. The experimental group received higher points in their posttest after gathering all the relevant data. As a result, a considerable distinction between two groups was discovered. The findings revealed that learners who utilized the learning guide as supplementary material were more likely to improve their proving skills. The researcher recommended using this learning guide as supplementary material to enhance students’ ability in terms of their proving skills. The results of the study revealed that students in the experimental group did better than those in the comparison group. This showed that the results implied that using a Triangle Congruency (TriCon) Learning Guide might assist students improve their academic performance (proving skills) in Mathematics.

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