Published on September 2020 | Food security, partial lockdown and COVID-19

Effect of Partial Lockdown on Food Security during the Coronavirus (COVID-19): The Case of Capital City of Ghana, Accra
Authors: Nathaniel Gyimah
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Journal Name: FOOD SUSTAINABILITY & SECURITY eJOURNAL Vol. 3, No. 55: Sep 18, 2020
Volume: 3 Issue: 1 Page No: 55
Indexing: Web of Science,Google Scholar

The partial lockdown has brought insignificant effects on the entire economy. Food security was affected during the partial lockdown in Ghana specifically Accra. This study was conducted to ascertain the effect of partial lockdown on food security in Accra. Accra has been selected as a case site via a purposive sampling technique with the reason that the researcher used a criterion in mind. Both primary and secondary data were used. Content analysis was used to provide the necessary description of the gathered data. 30 respondents were used as sample size. The major findings were; food security in Ghana can be determined by four dimensions namely; availability, accessibility, utilization, and stability as outlined by the World Food Summit held in 1996. Other findings were that partial lockdown in Accra affected the following; food availability, food accessibility, utilization, and stability. It was recommended that the Government should consider food availability, food accessibility, food utilization, and food stability to maintain strong food security in Ghana to reduce adverse effects of partial lockdown in Pandemic like COVID-19.

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