Published on October 2020 | Education

Developing pre-service mathematics teachers’ mathematical problem solving-posing skills through solve-reflect-pose strategy in Lagos state, Nigeria
Authors: Wasiu Ismaila Otun, Okwudiri Grace Njoku
Journal Name: Journal of Educational Research in Developing Areas
Volume: 1 Issue: 2 Page No: 140-152
Indexing: Google Scholar

Introduction: Problem posing activities in the classroom help in improving students’ achievement, creativity, and expand their mathematical knowledge. Purpose: The objective of this research is to examine the impacts of solve-reflect-pose strategy on pre-service mathematics teachers’ achievement in problem solving-posing activities. Junior secondary school algebraic word problems was used in the research as a tool in observing the impacts of the intervention on pre-service mathematics teachers’ in problem solving-posing skills. Methodology: There were 92 pre-service teachers in total and a mixed method design with quantitative was used. Algebraic Problem Posing Skills Achievement Test and Interview Protocol were used to measure the pre-service teachers’ mathematics problem solving-posing skills. The reliability test was measured using test-retest reliability techniques and the value of was calculated as 0.84. Data was evaluated using descriptive statistics, dependent sample t-test, independent sample t-test and Pearson Correlation for the quantitative data. Findings: The findings showed that after being exposed to solve-reflect-pose strategy, the pre-service teachers displayed greater improvement in their problem solving and posing skills and they were able to pose and create quality solvable real-life problem. Recommendations: It recommended that, solve-reflect-pose strategy could be a main instructional strategy in prospective teachers’ methodology courses.

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