Published on December 2020 | Education, Technical Drawing

Assessing Technical Drawing Proficiency in the Strengthened Technical Vocational-Education Program (STVEP)
Authors: Domenic T. Sanchez, Larry B. Peconcillo Jr., Rumuela L. Wong, Emerson D. Peteros, Julie Anne T. Godinez
Journal Name: Universal Journal of Educational Research
Volume: 8 Issue: 12 Page No: 7282-7295
Indexing: SCOPUS,Google Scholar,EBSCO,Ulrichs Periodicals Directory

The K-12 curriculum prepares students with the technical knowledge and skills requirements for various opportunities of the 21st century, thus exploring the identified profile variables and the perception of the Technical Drawing competencies in preparation for the Technical Vocational training courses intended for respondents. A descriptive method approach was employed, and a close-ended type of questionnaire to gather data from Grade 9 student respondents selected using random sampling. The findings reveal a significant relationship between some of the students' perceptions of technical drawing competencies and the identified profile variables, such as the students' perception of the adequacy of strongly linked facilities to mensuration, freehand drawing, lettering, construct geometric figures and construct pictorial drawing competencies. Gender is well associated with freehand drawing, specifically among female respondents, while the final grade was correlated with their perception of freehand drawing and mensuration competencies. The result led to the rejection of the null hypothesis. However, some of the competencies which have no significant relationship with the identified profile variables according to the perception of the respondents could be an interesting gap to conduct further research to those who are currently taking the technical drawing as the Grade 7 and 8 students for a different set of perceptions of same competencies. Students' perception of competencies is considered vital to efficiently enhance the teaching methodologies, content, and logistics necessary to deliver Technical Drawing learning competencies.

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