Published on April 2020 | human resources

An Empirical Investigation of Moonlighting Practices and Its Implications
Authors: s.kumaresh
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Journal Name: Test Engineering and Management
Volume: 0 Issue: 0 Page No: 5446- 25453
Indexing: SCOPUS

Human Resource Management (HRM) is experiencing an alter and the development of new strategies to handle the employees successfully. The most significant benefit an employee gets from a job is the financial reward or remuneration. For a variety of reasons workers sometimes take up two positions or a company along with the current job which is known as Moonlighting. Nonetheless, from the perspective of both workers as well as employers it does suffer from certain drawbacks. Through constant moonlighting, the part-time job never becomes the predominant occupation while the employee has an intention to change professions in the case of transitory moonlighting. This paper discusses in detail about roadmap of moonlighting and the background of moonlighting in various sectors along with its issues.

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