Published on October 2020 | human resources

A Study on rational of Moonlighting Among Healthcare Professionals Chennai Cty
Authors: s.kumaresh
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Journal Name: Solid State Technology
Volume: 63 Issue: 5 Page No: 0
Indexing: SCOPUS

—The health care industry is a colloquium of sectors that provides enormous and extended services to keep people hale and healthy. The health care professionals take extreme care in achieving the objective they are vested with. Life in the present scenario pushes both the spouses to work and also instigates one or both to do moonlighting. What is moonlighting - it is doing a second job in one's regular employment without the knowledge of the employer. This moonlighting is found in the private sector that the public sector. When we talk about health care professionals, they work in a hospital and have their clinics near their residence and at times multiple as well. This is not only for doctors but for everyone in the health care industry. This paper focuses on the reasons for moonlighting by health care professionals in Chennai city with a sample of 197. A structured questionnaire was circulated among health care professionals and the same was statistically tested. The findings of the study revealed that the basic reason behind moonlighting was the job demands and competition in the industry that forces professions to opt for moonlighting

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