Published on January 2021 | Genetic Properties, Phytochemicals, Processing, Preservation and Nutritional Value

A Review of Yam Tuber Cultivars: Genetic Properties, Phytochemicals, Processing, Preservation and Nutritional Value
Authors: Ehoche Edache Elijah, Chijioke Madu , Adejoh Johnson, Parth K Patel, Garba Usman Kurmi
View Author: Parth K Patel
Journal Name: Global Academic Journal of Pharmacy and Drug Research
Volume: 3 Issue: 1 Page No: 1-15
Indexing: Google Scholar,DOAJ

Yam is a very essential tuber stem with relevance to nutrition, medicine and others. In this review, common cultivars of yam were discussed in respect to genetic indicators, modifications, development and evaluation of molecular markers, genetic improvement of yam, hybridization and selection of cultivars. Other important areas reviewed from different articles include genetic tools for yam improvement, properties of yam cultivars, phytochemicals of yam, phytochemicals interactions with edibility of yam as well as nutritional value of yam, processing methods and biological implications, effects of processing methods on the nutrient and anti-nutrient composition of yam; and the storage techniques practiced in yam farming. Information from this review will enable scientists, government agencies, policy makers amongst others to make quality decisions as it relates to yam and food availability towards achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals.

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