Published on February 2021 | MARKETING

Women Investors’ perception towards Gold Investment
Authors: Dr. A.Selvaraj K.S.Sudha
View Author: Dr. SELVARAJ A
Journal Name: International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts
Volume: 9 Issue: 2 Page No: 4445-4453
Indexing: Google Scholar

Now-a-days, women are financially independent and they are aware of converting their savings into investment. In their investment portfolio, gold always occupy the special place. Gold is one of the important investment avenues in India. Variety of gold investment avenues are available in the market. Investors especially women investors are highly interested to invest in gold. In the present study, it is mainly focused to identify the most preferable gold investment option, awareness and satisfaction level of women investors. For the present study, primary data have been collected by using well structured questionnaire from 185 randomly selected women respondents in Erode city. The collected data have been analysed by Kendall’s Co-efficient of Concordance (W) and Chi-square test. The present study concluded that the women investors are always prefer to invest in gold jwellery than other gold investment options.

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