Published on January 2024 | Indian Philosophy

Unearthing The Essence of The Soul
Authors: Dr. Rochna Roy, Arko Chakraborty
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Journal Name: , IJCRT (IJCRT.ORG) International Peer Reviewed & Refereed Journals
Volume: 12 Issue: 1 Page No: b931-b951
Indexing: Open J Gate

Through this philosophical odyssey, we glean profound insights into a worldview that impels us to delve into the innermost sanctum of our consciousness, unveiling the eternal verities that have enraptured the intellects and hearts of seekers throughout the epochs. Embracing the subjective essence of our spiritual odyssey, we discern a pathway leading to self- realization, divine communion, and the apprehension of the deepest, truest, and most profound essence of our being— love.

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