Published on February 2023 | Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence of Teachers and Students
Authors: Chitra Chakma, Ishfaq Majid, Vijaya Lakshmi, Y.
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Journal Name: Education and Society
Volume: 0 Issue: 0 Page No: 21-27
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The citizens of a nation stay healthy, happy and successful when they have holistic approach to life. Spiritual intelligence (SI) is an intelligence that transforms emotions, thoughts, body and mind of an individual and helps in developing holistic approach to life. It not only helps to discriminate between good and bad but also helps to realize one’s potential and activates positive qualities. Thus, it is a powerful ability to solve problems related to personal, professional, academic, social and other aspects of life. Developing a holistic approach to life is one of the key goals of higher education and SI enables students and teachers to handle difficult situations and to live a happy life. Keeping this in mind, the objectives of the present study was to measure the level of SI of teachers and students, explore the influence of designation on SI and its dimension based on cross sectional survey design. Data was collected randomly through a self- developed SI rating scale from 1266 students and 330 teachers. The findings revealed that almost equal number of teachers and students fall in low, medium and high level of SI. Results also showed no association between the level of SI and designation of participants. It was also found that designation of participants had significant influence on some dimensions of SI. Age and level of education may be responsible for this influence and that can be explored in further research.

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