Published on May 2023 | Agricultural Sciences, Genetics, Biotechnology, Climate Change

Revitalizing the Potential of Minor Millets: Agrarian Constraints, Possible Solutions and Future Roadmap
Authors: Bodhisattya Pal, Anasua Mukhopadhyay, Aditi Kishore, Arjun Kumar Agarwal, Udit Debangshi, Hem Prakash Verma, Gaurang Sunil Jathar
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Journal Name: International Journal of Environment and Climate Change
Volume: 13 Issue: 7 Page No: 328-338
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In contrary to the recent revival of millets like sorghum & pearl millet globally, one segment of millets is still neglected mostly in spite of their massive nutritional benefits and complementing effect on ecology; these are referred as minor millets collectively. The focal causes of its under recognition include lack of awareness among the consumers about its vast potential utilities and multifaceted constraints acting together to curb down its production pattern. Lack of effective research and development in the area of crop improvement via breeding and biotechnological interventions is holding back its upswing. There is very little comprehensive documentation available on these dynamics of minor millets. This paper studies those critical limiting factors while also prescribing the way out to ensure nutritional security and environmental sustainability.

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