Published on July 2022 | Human Rights and Women's Rights

• Male –Craving Society “Eats Female Before Birth” A Manifest Violation of Women’s Human Rights
Authors: Pallavi Sharma, Dr Mohd Imran
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Journal Name: International Journal of Current Advanced Research
Volume: 11 Issue: 6 Page No: 45-54
Indexing: DOAJ

Advertisement is a powerful technique used to inform the target audience about a company's product or service and encourage them to buy it. Advertising's primary goal is to sell items and services, but it also sends forth vital cultural messages that have an impact on society. As a result, commercials have a variety of social, cultural, and economic consequences for the people who watch them. Such messaging is critical in a number of areas, the most important of which is gender, as women have been one of the most rapidly changing elements of Indian society. While most advertising repeats the dominant conventions and ideas, a few attempt to challenge them and provide a contrasting narrative. In this scenario, society's attitudes and conduct play a significant effect, both negatively and positively. The purpose of this research is that society should know and understand that there is a need for empowerment of women and it has become even easier because of the media. In this study, we try to figure out the impact advertising negative and positive approaches and have on women's empowerment in India. Keywords: gender roles, women empowerment, advertisements, legislation.

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