Published on March 2021 | Artificial intelligence, covid 19, pandemics, medical imaging.

Integration of Deep Learning Machine Models with Conventional Diagnostic Tools in Medical Image Analysis for Detection and Diagnosis of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Authors: Lakshmi Narasimha Gunturu, Giri Raja Sekhar Dornadula
Journal Name: Emerging Technologies During the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic, Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series
Volume: 0 Issue: 0 Page No: 45-58
Indexing: SCOPUS,Web of Science,Google Scholar

Novel coronavirus 19 (COVID-19) had made the lives of humans in dilemma since its outburst from Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019, and is declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Its spread had been very rapid among the people which is a real task for the authorities to identify the persons infected with viruses and isolate them to prevent virus transmission. At present, various diagnostic aids are used in health care centres to screen the public with the symptoms of COVID-19. However, the use of conventional medical aids is of no use in early detection because of the rapid transmission rate. Therefore, researches are exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) incorporated techniques that will aid physicians in the early detection of COVID-19 and one such method is Deep Learning Machine Models (DLM). This chapter aims to review research studies available in PubMed database with the Keywords COVID-19, Diagnosis, Deep learning models, and Medical Imaging till August 10, 2020 related to COVID-19 and DLM in medical image analysis. By evaluating 13 full text articles we calculated F1 scores for possible studies and concluded that studies with Computed Tomography (CT) had better diagnostic accuracy when compared to chest X-ray (CXR).

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