Published on August 2022 | Machining

Influence of cutting parameters on laser assisted machining of C103 Nb alloy
Authors: Aravind Sankeerth K, Pagidi Madhukar , Gurabvaiah Punugupati, Veeresh Kumar G B and C.S.P. Rao
Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Page No: 1-11
Indexing: SCOPUS

C103 Nb alloy shows the good consistent microstructure that leads to better controlled properties of the material such as high strength, stress resistance, fabricability, and high temperature resistance. C103 Nb alloy shows the unique properties for challenging the aerospace, orbital rocket nozzles or chambers, and jet engine applications but they are costly and difficult to machine through traditional technique like single point cutting operation. Laser assisted heating plays a significant role in machining process due to easy and to develop very high intense heat energy in a precise region The generated energy leads to soften sample and smooth machining surfaces with crack free and superior quality. The present work deals with the influence of cutting parameters (laser power (LP) and depth of cut (DoC)) on the responses (surface roughness and cutting force (CF)) of C103 Nb alloy through laser assisted machining process at constant feed rate (0.02 mm/rev) and constant cutting speed (500 rpm). Based on the experimental results, LP shown the significance influence on surface roughness, CFs and decreases with increase of LP and increases with increase of DoC.

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