Published on September 2020 | Education

Impact of teachers’ classroom behaviours on students’ learning at secondary school level in Quetta district, Baluchistan, Pakistan
Authors: Muhammad Ehsan
Journal Name: Journal of Educational Research in Developing Areas
Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Page No: 20-32
Indexing: Google Scholar

Introduction: In the field of learning, the relationship between a teacher and student is of notable importance. Classroom is a learning place where students spend a significant amount of time with their teachers. Purpose: This study was initiated to check how negatively or positively teachers can affect the learning process of their students in classroom with their behaviours. Similar type of studies were conducted before as well, but this study was necessary in Quetta, Pakistan, because of increasing amount of drop-outs of children from secondary schools in the city. Hence, due to new wave of terrorism in the city, the study was kept limited. Methodology: A total of 200 respondents from ten high schools of Quetta city took part in this study. Survey method was used and the data had been compiled on a Likert scale with closed ended statements. After the data was collected, it was analyzed in SPSS software. Cross-tabulation was applied on the data and also Mean of the responses was derived from each statement. Basically, two major factors followed by sub-statements were taken into consideration for the study to find out their impact. Results: The end results showed mixed results. In some cases teacher’s strict behaviours puts positive impact too. Recommendations: It is essential for teachers to gain thorough understanding and implications of the behaviours to attain high level of efficiency in the classroom. Hence, democracy is essential and teachers should align their behaviours.

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