Published on October 2020 | Flexible Manufacturing System, Bottleneck Analysis

Flexible Manufacturing Systems Performance Analysis and Improvement
Authors: Habtamu Tesfaye, Getu Girma
View Author: Habtamu Tesfaye Balo
Journal Name: International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering (ijasre)
Volume: 6 Issue: 10 Page No: 97-110
Indexing: Google Scholar,BASE

Due to the intense market competition, managements of manufacturing industries are striving to optimize their manufacturing lead times, enhance quality of products, increase part variety, and reduce production cost. Thus, the trend towards market globalization requires these manufacturing environments to be designed, analyzed for its performance and improved in such way that it can cater the market place challenges to survive and grow in the sector. In this paper a case study of Hibret Manufacturing & Machine Building Industry (HMMBBI) in flexible manufacturing system (FMS) shop is presented. The goal of the study is to analyze the performance of FMS and propose a performance improvement method. Analytical methods of performance analysis-bottleneck model and its extension called ‘extended bottleneck model’ are applied to determine the current production rate and the percentage workstations utilization of the existing FMS shop. The proposed FMS with balanced workloads between work stations has shown a significant improvement in percentage utilization of workstations, production lead time and as well as production throughput.

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