Published on March 2024 | Psychology, Stress Management, Guidance and Counseling

Emotional State of the Pre-Service Teachers Prior to Field Study: Basis for Support and Monitoring Program
Authors: Mechel Bautista, Jamie Nhilen Apostol, Raymond Malibiran, Kristoffer Paul Obispo, John Mark Asio
View Author: Dr. John Mark R. Asio
Journal Name: Formosa Journal of Multidisciplinary Research
Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Page No: 907–918
Indexing: Google Scholar,BASE,Index Copernicus

The proponents aim to assess the emotional state of the pre-service teachers from a tertiary education institution in Olongapo City, Philippines. A total of 185 pre-service teachers participated in the study using a descriptive research design. To gather enough information about the emotional state of the respondents, the study used a standardized instrument, the DASS-21, to assess three aspects of emotional status: depression, anxiety, and stress levels of the respondents. Afterward, the proponents then calculated the descriptive statistics like frequency and percentage. Results show that the pre-service teachers have normal to moderate levels of depression, a moderate to extreme degree of anxiety, and a normal to moderate level of stress in most of them.

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