Published on December 2022 | Agriculture

Effectiveness of some biorationals in controlling damping-off diseases and promoting growth and yield of wheat crop
Authors: Hemin Abubakir Neima, Rebwar Ahmed Mustafa, Sawsan Mohammed Ali, Nazhad Majeed Fatah, Bayan Rashid Rahim
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Journal Name: Journal of Kerbala for Agricultural Sciences
Volume: 9 Issue: 4 Page No: 7-19
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This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of treating wheat seeds with some indigenous medicinal plants powder on the germination rate, growth and yield of wheat, as well as, a commercial fungicide (Tebuconazole) and a bio growth promoter Bacillus subtilis bacteria+ amino acid were applied for the same purpose. The results of this study indicated that seed coated with Chamomile flower powder (T1) suppressed damping-off by 89.22% compared with 0% in control and gave a significantly higher number of tillers (6.583 ± 0.617) compared to T0 and other treatments. Meanwhile, the T1 gave the highest plant heights, straw, and total shoot dry mass (94.0± 1.684, 9.096 ± 1.154, and 10.192 ± 1.216), respectively. in the meantime, T1 significantly provided the uppermost number of spikes, spike length, and yield (6.083 ± 0.594 spike/plant, and 3.380±0.017 ton.ha-1), respectively. On the other hand, T4 treatment performed a significantly higher weight of spikes and grains per spike (1.521 ± 0.092 and 1.065 ± 0.068), respectively. Furthermore, T4 conferred a higher number of grains per spike (33.431 ± 1.915) than other treatments. The yield in all the treatments was significantly higher than in the control (p-value ≤ 0.05), and the highest yield was recorded in the T1 (mean =3.380±0.017).

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