Published on March 2021 | Communication Studies

Covid-19 and Emergence of New Educational Paradigm
Authors: Shahid Minhas
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Journal Name: Journal of Peace, Development and Communication
Volume: 5 Issue: 1 Page No: 207-214
Indexing: Google Scholar,Index Copernicus

Covid-19 outbreak poses serious effects on global education system. Institutes had been closed due to covied-19 for almost six to eight months in Pakistan which badly affected education system. Covied-19 spoiled more than one billion student’s education schedule throughout the world. The study explains the influence of covid-19 on education system in Pakistan and changing the Paradigm. Quantitative method was used to analyze the results of this study. Data was gathered through organized questionnaire across Pakistan from the Students. The survey was filled by 300 students against 500 respondents, who faced these difficulties during the pandemic. The results were analyzed thoroughly keeping Online Education system in Pakistan. Most of the results express that covid-19 have inauspicious effects on education system counting tough approach to education and other services, job losses and the financial problems for students. Results showed that students opposed online education system in Pakistan. The study also includes that how various educational institutes are delivering online studies and what type of challenge it faces; by the teachers, the students and to the parents as well. However, online education is highly interrupted by poor infrastructure including network, electricity, inadequacy issues and poor digital skills. The research highlights that the pandemic has negative effects on educational system of Pakistan. Results of this study also showed that students attitude towards new paradigm is not favorable.

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