Published on December 2022 | Social Science, Community-Based Research, Community Extension Service, Action Research, Sustainability

Community Extension Programs in a Small Suburban Community: Its Impact and Basis for Institutional Sustainability and Support
Authors: John Mark R. Asio; Dante P. Sardina, Judy Ann O. Olaguir; Kritoffer Paul Obispo; Edmar Kent Macaraeg
View Author: Dr. John Mark R. Asio
Journal Name: International Journal of Humanities, Management and Social Science
Volume: 5 Issue: 2 Page No: 50-58
Indexing: Google Scholar,DOAJ,BASE

In order to assess the value and effects of an implemented institutional extension program, it needs to be evaluated after some time. This study aims to investigate the level of program outputs and impacts of programs in an adopted community of a local college. It also attempts to discover the relationship between the level of program outputs and the impacts of the programs economically and socially. The investigators used a descriptive-correlation research design among conveniently selected respondents in a small suburban community for the survey. This study also adapted and modified an instrument and used SPSS 23 for the statistical calculation of the study. The investigation revealed that all of the community extension program outputs by the institution got "very satisfactory" remarks from the respondents. As for the economic and social impact of the programs of the community extension services, it also obtained a "very satisfactory" response. Statistical inferences also revealed a moderate positive correlation between program outputs' level with the program's economic and social impact and the community extension services. The investigators provided relevant recommendations for sustainability and support based on the study results.

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