Published on June 2021 | Power System , Classification

Classification of Voltage Sag Propagation under Double Line to Ground Fault on a Low Voltage Distribution Power Network
Authors: AK Junejo , MA Koondhar, Irfan A Channa
View Author: Dr. Irfan A Channa
Journal Name: Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research
Volume: 11 Issue: 2 Page No: 6949-6955
Indexing: SCOPUS

The key issue of the voltage-sag propagation on the different types of winding connections for the low voltage transformer in the distribution power network is considered in this study. The issues of voltage sag propagation depend upon the type of asymmetrical fault and the connection of the transformer windings. In this paper, the double line to ground fault is adopted for the voltage sag characterization. The depiction of the sage propagation is an outcome of the zero sequence components. Voltage sag propagation detection can be used to improve the power quality of the system. The obtained results reveal the characteristics of the voltage drop propagation from the primary to the secondary winding of the transformer throughout different connection. The implemented method will help analyze the Power Quality (PQ) problem in terms of voltage sag of the distributed transmission networks of the power system.

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