Published on May 2013 | Diabetes, Nanotechnology, Seaweeds

Biogenic silver nanoparticles by Halymenia poryphyroides and its in vitro anti-diabetic efficacy
Authors: Dr Vishnu Kiran Manam and Dr Murugesan Subbaiah
Journal Name: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research
Volume: 5 Issue: 12 Page No: 1001-1008
Indexing: Google Scholar,PubMed,EBSCO,Index Copernicus

Diabetes mellitus is a multifunctional disorder characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from increased hepatic glucose production, diminished insulin secretion resulting in impaired insulin action. The intestinal digestive enzymes α-glucosidase and α-amylase plays a key role in carbohydrate digestion, one main antidiabetic approach is to reduce the post prandial glucose level in blood by inhibition of alpha glucosidase and alpha amylase enzymes. Silver nanoparticles were prepared by green synthesis, where silver nitrate was taken as a metal precursor and marine red alga Halymenia poryphyroides as a reducing and capping agent. The formation of silver nanoparticles was characterized by UV–Nano photometer, FT-IR, SEM and XRD. In the present study invitro antidiabetic activity was studied from the biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles from the marine red alga Halymenia poryphyroides as a pre-requisite for the in vivo studies further. The assay results of silver nanoparticles showed dose dependent significantly (P

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