Published on July 2020 | Food Science and Quality Management

Animals and Migration: The Dangers and Effects on Globalization
Authors: Ehikioya Hilary Osolase
Journal Name: International Institute for Science Technology and Education (IISTE) - Food Science and Quality Management (FSQM)
Volume: 99 Issue: 3 Page No: 13-21
Indexing: SCOPUS

This research paper was inspired by the CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. How accusations have been directed to the citizens of China for consuming bats which some people believe is the cause of the CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. An attempt will be made to define and explain the concept of "climate change." This research study will also make attempt to define "migration and globalization." Bird Migration is almost an unknown area that needs more research. Effects of climate change and global warming have led to birds migrating from one axis of the world to another. Therefore, this research study is going to examine how "climate change and global warming" has led to the migration of animals (especially animals with wings) across continents and countries, since they have the ability to migrate for months flying to different axis of the world. In the course of this research study, the supposed origin of CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) will also be discussed. Just like humans migrate for one reason or the other, so also animals migrate too. Among the various animals with wings which have the tendency to migrate, this study is going to concentrate on bats. The different species of bats found in Nigeria and China. How some species of bats found in China may be poisonous for human consumption. And that in some communities in Nigeria bats have been in consistent consumption over centuries and it has actually never been a health risk to those who consume these bats. That if it becomes scientifically proven that some species of bats in China are poisonous for human consumption, and therefore the cause of the CoronaVirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic, then it is no longer safe for citizens of any country to consume bats. This research study will therefore make explanations from the angle that, due to "climate change and global warming" which also causes drought, there is the possibility for the poisonous species of bats from the China axis to migrate to other parts of the world, and therefore mix-up with other non poisonous bats in other countries and continents. That when a migration of this sort happens, which of course will always happen, then it is advisable for the consumption of bats to be totally discouraged globally. To get its materials for research, this research study will access various online platforms. Online platforms such as mainstream media portals and academic journal articles.

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