Published on December 2022 | Social Science, Mass Communication

Accessibility of the Web Series through the OTT Platform in India (A Study of the Teenagers of Talaspur and Deosaini Villages in Aligarh District of UP)
Authors: Kritika Sharma, Dr Pallavi Mishra, Mansi Singh, Baljit Singh, Anand Barik, Aakash Modi
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Journal Name: Neuroquantology An Interdisciplinary Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics
Volume: 20 Issue: 22 Page No: 905-937
Indexing: SCOPUS

The inevitability of change is accepted universally, and like other things and trends in the world, the tastes and interests of the people, as well as trends of entertainment, have undergone much change. Everyone needs entertainment to stay refreshed, creative, dynamic, and enthusiastic. The contemporary scenario speaks of a revolutionary change in entertainment in rural India brought about by android phones and the Internet. At all stages of life, entertainment is required, but it is required most in the teenage which is a transitional phase between adolescence and youth. All romantic at heart, the teenagers, irrespective of their urban or rural nativity, adopt several means of entertainment that can help them see their imaginations through certain things like novels, television, etc. The twenty-first century has brought an inexhaustible stock of entertainment to teenagers and others. Now the days are almost over when people would spend much time seeking their fancies and imaginations in the characters and situations portrayed in stories, novels, and films. These days the android phone is within reach of all, including rural teenagers, and they prefer using the android phone to television to amuse and entertain themselves through films and web series. Currently, the OTT platform is a wide platform of entertainment for teenagers, allowing them to watch any movie or web series at their convenience to enjoy privacy and nurture individual interests. The research paper deals with the excessive preference of the teenagers of Talaspur and Deosaini Villages in the Aligarh District of UP for OTT platforms to other means of recreation.

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